Proper Way of Cleaning Your Car Seat Covers

Published: 26th May 2011
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Would you be comfortable riding your car that is too dusty or bad-smelling? I think nobody does and the only way to prevent this is to regularly clean your seat cover as well as the inside of your car. Removing that bad odor in your car is not be a problem. When this happens to your car, there is only one source where dust and odor are coming from. That is with the car seat cover.

Regardless of what type of material is used with that item, it is the most vulnerable part of your interior that dust will enter. This is even vulnerable to bad odor if it is made of sheepskin or wool. However, you should not get discourage from using this kind of seat cover. You should go for it if it makes your interior beautiful.

Vacuuming the car seat to remove unwanted dust is the quickest solution. However,this alone cannot remove the odor from the inner part of the material. What you can do is do a general cleaning of your car interior. Let us concentrate first on how to clean a wool or sheepskin cover.

Here are simple steps to clean a Car Seat Cover.

Remove the cover from the seat then pat out of the dust.

Use lukewarm water using appropriate detergent to wash the cover. Look for a mild soap if it is not available

Using cool water, rinse it to remove the soap from the material. Remove excess water gently.

Install the cover in the seat once it's ready. With a coarse metal brush use this in the seat for it to restore its looks.

For maintenance, always vacuum the cover at least twice a month.

There are more ways to clean wash seat cover depending on the materials. You can find cleaning products specifically made for different types of materials. Choose the right seat cover that would fit your interior and your style. There are a lot available online. You can also find a lot of information and tips on how to clean and maintain the car seat covers. The best part is, they can also give you the right cleaning materials and other information on how to properly clean your seat cover without ruining it.

Buy different kinds of cover for your car seats if it is possible. This is one way of improving your car usage with style and class.

Clean your car seat cover regularly just as you clean the exterior of your car. Seat covers also need special care, use products that cannot ruin your seat covers.

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